Wehoz - Shop Nearby


Wehoz - Shop Nearby

Wehoz is an online location-based marketplace for everyday merchandise from consumers favorite outlets nearby without visiting. Wehoz connects consumers directly to the businesses, allowing the consumers to browse through the business offerings, order placement & delivery at doorstep.

Wehoz offers multiple channels of deliveries including self-pick up, where the consumer can place order in advance and pick the order at specified time, along with direct deliveries (i.e. ASAP) or pool deliveries at nominal price for small items.

Objective: To create a user-friendly food delivery app that connects local restaurants with customers, offering a seamless ordering and delivery experience.

Discovery and Planning

  1. Conducted extensive market research to understand the competitive landscape, identify user preferences, and determine key features for a successful food delivery app.
  2. Defined user personas representing various target audiences, considering factors such as demographics, preferences, and technology adoption.
  3. Collaborated with the client to prioritize app features, including user registration, restaurant listings, menu browsing, order placement, payment options, real-time order tracking, and delivery status updates.


  1. Developed wireframes to map out the app's navigation flow, ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly experience for both customers and business owners.
  2. Created a visually appealing interface with a focus on a clean and intuitive design, incorporating the client's branding elements and ensuring a seamless transition between screens.
  3. Generated interactive prototypes for key app functionalities, allowing stakeholders to visualize the user journey and provide feedback before moving into development.

Frontend Development

  1. Selected a technology stack suitable for the app's requirements, incorporating a robust backend, a scalable database, and a responsive frontend for both iOS and Android platforms.
  2. Developed a user-friendly dashboard for business's to manage their menu, update prices, and view and process incoming orders.

Conclusion: The successful collaboration with Wehoz resulted in the design and frontend development of a robust and user-friendly food & grocery delivery app. The app not only met the client's expectations but also contributed to the growth of local restaurants and grocery shops and provided a convenient and enjoyable experience for customers in the food & grocery delivery ecosystem.

Project Name

Wehoz - Shop Nearby



Our Role

Logo & Branding Design, App UX Design, Frontend Development, App Development Support and Website Design




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