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UI/UX design

Do you have an upcoming investor pitch and need to prove the viability of your idea? Our design services can help you create a fully-fledged interface design.

Here's how we can help you

  • Create an app interface within 3-4 weeks and branding elements within 1 week.
  • Make interfaces intuitive and easy to develop to save your time and resources.
  • Provide UI Kit and design guidelines that enable you to quickly and efficiently scale your design as your startup expands.
  • In addition to UI/UX design, we offer a full range of design services to give your product's design a unique feel, from creating your logo to implementing animations.


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Mobile UI/UX design

Specializing in mobile interface designs, we develop interfaces that adhere to both iOS and Android guidelines, as well as being suitable for tablet screens. Our approach ensures that the design integrates seamlessly with the device type, ensuring optimal UX design. At the conclusion of the project, we provide a comprehensive user interface design kit for the continued evolution of your product.

If you're interested in building a mobile app along with design services, check our mobile app development services for startups page.

Web UI/UX design

Our expertise as a UI/UX design company extends to crafting interfaces for web products of varying complexity, from streamlined corporate websites to sophisticated SaaS applications. We leverage our extensive experience and technical skills to create intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX design for web interfaces that enhance customer engagement.

Apart from user interface and user experience design for your web product, we offer custom software development services for startups to fully guide you through to release.

How do we deliver MVP development services?

Interface concept design

We can create 2 or 3 screens that reflect the visual style of the future product and showcase its main features.

Brand identity design services for startups

We create brand identities that include a style guide with a logo, logo usage guidelines, typography guidelines, and a color scheme.

Logo design services for startups

In just five days, we create a minimalist logo that reflects the values of your company.

Illustration design

We can provide you with hand-drawn illustrations that can be used as a part of onboarding, blog post images, or stickers.

How do we deliver UI/UX design services for startups?

Gather information about your company, business idea, and requirements.

Create project scope and estimate project timelines and costs.

Build a mind map to ensure a well-thought-out UX design and give a visual representation of how the user will interact with the product.

Create a detailed interface or branding based on the approved wireframes.

Develop sketches, schematic wireframes, a few UI elements to show how the visual elements will be arranged.

Discuss the completed design with the client and make improvements.

Hand out UI Kit and design guidelines to the customer.


We ensure the quality of our UI/UX design services by adhering to our own set of principles during the creation of user interface design.

Basic principles

  • UI design is intuitive, and the tasks that a user solves with its help are very clear.
  • The design provides the easiest way of interacting with websites or mobile apps.
  • We create a specific color palette for your product’s design and consistently follow it.
  • Navigation between interfaces is evident and seamless

UX writing

  • All texts in the UI design are readable and provide sufficient contrast.
  • Navigation is familiar and intuitive
  • Text placement is considered for readability.
  • Consistency in project terminology is maintained.
  • Clean typography is used.


  • Background images are selected so they do not overshadow the texts.
  • The style and detail of graphic design and illustrations (if present) align with the overall UI/UX design of the product.
  • Illustrations we create do not have analogs on stock sites and are more complex and artful.


  • All icons follow the same style and are shaped for ease of use.
  • We make navigation simple and recognizable, yet never primitive and always neat.
  • Text placement is considered for readability.
  • We use familiar shapes but create a unique feel with coloring, animation, and the existence of elements in the context of the overall UI and UX design.

Why choose us?

Collaborative UI/UX design process

We have implemented the practice of cross-reviews within our company, which means that our user experience design and user interface design are thoroughly checked by another designer and guided by our art director before being presented to the client.

Skillful design team

Our designers constantly upgrade their skills and adopt the latest trends by running UI/UX design training sessions, organizing meetups, and pursuing further education through discussions and studying professional literature. By choosing our design services, you benefit from the experience and knowledge of not just a single designer but our entire team.

Streamlined workflow

We follow a standard workflow that we have refined over the years, which has clear and transparent milestones and checkpoints to ensure the quality of the UI/UX design.

In-house coding

Should you also choose to develop your website or mobile app with us, we have our own competent coders who will execute your product’s layout with the highest quality.


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