Maximize your startup's impact with our CDO as a service. Access expert design and strategic guidance for market success.

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CDO as a service, where CDO refers to Chief Design Officer, is an all-inclusive design support solution for startups, provided by our team of expert designers on a subscription basis. Our service encompasses all the necessary activities to guide your startup's design and find the optimal solution for its seamless operation.

When do you need a CDO as a service?

  • You have an outstanding startup idea and a team but need guidance to guarantee design and innovation excellence for your product
  • Your team is in the design phase and requires a design audit to ensure greater user experience
  • You want to ensure that your startup has the right design to prevent a complete overhaul in the future while also maintaining scalability
  • Your business doesn't warrant hiring a full-time, dedicated CDO for your project
  • You lack the time to hire a Chief Design Officer, yet your design team urgently requires design direction
  • You need regular reports on issues and ongoing prevention of potential risks

What do you get with our app development services for startups?


Our team will assist you in selecting the most appropriate technologies to bring your ideas to fruition, taking into account your startup's requirements, budget, and long-term growth potential.


We will determine the architecture of your future product, provide comprehensive documentation, and manage its implementation, ensuring a future-proof and scalable solution tailored to your specific needs.

Product roadmap

We will assist you in defining and prioritizing your product's features, milestones, and long-term vision. Our strategic guidance will ensure your startup remains focused on its objectives and stays ahead of emerging trends.


With 17 years of industry experience, we've refined processes that are efficient and reliable. We are prepared to share our knowledge on ticket management, bug reports, best practices, code review, auto deployment, scalable environment creation, and more.

Best practices

Our team of experts collaborates with your development team, sharing knowledge of the latest software development methodologies, practices, and tools. This collaboration fosters increased efficiency and effectiveness, while ensuring the high standards in the software development process.


Our design process is designed to transform your startup's vision into a fully functional and user-friendly product. Here's a breakdown of our step-by-step approach:

Identify the problem

Research the problem

Ideate possible solutions

Evaluate and select a promising solution

Create prototype

Test and troubleshoot

Make improvements


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