Comprehensive UI/UX design services: From concept to sophisticated interfaces.


Concept Design

The design concept is a draft of the app that reflects the visual style of the fully-fledged design and showcases the main features of the future product.

How do we deliver design
concept services?

  • Help a client define the requirements.
  • Gather references to find the suitable style.
  • Create a mind map and lo-fi wireframes.
  • Create 2-3 screens of the future application or site.
  • Discuss the screens with the client and make

Here's what we can do

Build app concept based on requirements, the idea of the project, collected references, and brand identity.

Create a concept that can be presented to investors and potential users before the detailed design is completed.

Design drafts for apps and websites in the fields of delivery, crypto trade, fintech, real estate, and many others.


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