We design web interfaces for all needs: from landing pages to complex platforms, ensuring compatibility across screen sizes.


Web Design

As a part of web design services, the Octonion.Design team is ready to create a web product of any size:  landing pages, corporate websites, complex SaaS platforms, marketplaces, and many others. Here’s how we can help

  • Analyze the business goals and processes of our client's company to build the product our client exactly needs.
  • Create a responsive layout that would look equally good on computer, tablet, and mobile screens.
  • Conduct market research to make the interface intuitive as well as embed your branding style into it to ensure stronger user engagement.

How do we deliver our web design services?

Collect information about the company, project requirements, and desired timeline.

Create a project mind map.

Develop 2-3 screens, a few UI elements, or an interface prototype to define the design style.

Create a detailed interface design and adapt it to screens of various sizes.

Discuss the completed design with the client and make improvements.

What we can do for you

Corporate website design

We will work with you in close collaboration to ensure that the custom website design of your company reflects the brand's identity and values. In addition to custom web design, we can create your logo design or decorate your platform with illustrations of any type.

E-commerce website design

You can choose our custom website design services, where we'll build and design your website from scratch. Alternatively, you can choose a custom website design and development in 15 days or less. The offer is specifically tailored for marketplaces.

Web application design

At Octonion.design, we have a strong development team, ensuring that even as we create a custom web design for your application, it will be fully compatible with the functionality you aim to implement.

Landing page design

We can help you arrange information about your business in a visually pleasing and easy-to-read format. With custom web design, it will be easier to deliver your message and drive conversions.

We can help you to build a web interface design if you want to

Get an intuitive interface

After accomplishing 200+ projects, we have gained comprehensive knowledge of users' behavior. We implement it to smoothly deliver web design services and develop simple and smooth interfaces that help users reach their goals within a few clicks and convert them into your leads.

Access wider audience

Sites and web platforms make your services more accessible to your customers. Mobile apps need to be installed while web products can be accessed through the browser, which is less tiresome. Also, they make your business more credible and trustworthy.

Get a non-standard solution

If all the already existing solutions don’t meet your wants and business goals, you may need a non-standard platform or application. It can be a marketplace or a restaurant app both for clients and restaurant staff. In such cases, you will need web design services to get a solution built from scratch and customized to your unique flow.

Get an effective marketing tool

Websites are easy to promote. They are promoted through all kinds of marketing means like email campaigns, social media channels, PPC advertising, or search engine optimization.

Catch the latest web design trends

Our designers are constantly looking for new ideas and making sure our vision is current. We adapt contemporary trends in custom website design and web application design because we want your product to look both user-friendly and modern.


To ensure the quality of our custom web design services, we have elaborated strategies and guidelines that each member of a design team has to follow.

  • Development knowledge
  • Quality check
  • Accelerated processes
  • Close collaboration
  • Continuous learning

Our standards

Design system

We follow a strict design system that sets a high bar below which we cannot deliver web design services. We constantly replenish and improve the design system to set the bar even higher.


We can create a prototype at the customer’s request. Prototypes give a tangible understanding of the product and demonstrate the behavior of certain interface features.


We practice reviews at every stage of custom web development and design — actually it’s the basic principle of our company’s operation on many levels.

UI kit

Should you choose another web design agency or scale your project with us in the future, building new pages will be easy and quick as we'll provide you with a UI kit. These are reusable digital assets for your web app or website design.


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