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As a custom software development company, we can build software in any form you prefer — mobile or web. The choice depends on which audience you’d like to target — those who will download the application to their mobile phones or those who will access your product through a browser.

Web Development

We build user-friendly and dynamic websites and web applications, ensuring a robust online presence for your startup that effectively captures your target audience's attention.

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Cross-platform Mobile Development

We design and develop cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android, helping startups connect with more users and engage them effectively across different devices.

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What startup issues do custom software development services solve?

Lack of personalization

When startups opt for off-the-shelf software rather than partnering with a development company, it can be challenging to implement innovative features or add a personal touch to the product. Custom software development services tailor features to the needs of the business rather than forcing the business to adapt to the features.


As a startup's main goal is to scale as quickly as possible to secure a niche in the business landscape, the product must be crafted thoughtfully. It needs to be able to process high volumes of data and user actions, as well as be written with clear code that can be easily modified according to business needs.


Although custom software development might seem costlier than ready-made solutions initially, it is optimal in the long run. Customization helps to eliminate the need for extra software subscriptions and licenses, which will multiply as the startup grows.

Integration issues

Integrating different applications might be a daunting task for a startup. Custom software development can ensure all features required by the startup are present within one application, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Support and maintenance

Usually, after the startup’s software development stage, the team that built the product provides ongoing support and maintenance. Thus, by subscribing to post-release maintenance, the business owner doesn’t have to worry about the stable operation of the software.

Customer satisfaction

Creating unique user experiences with customization helps customers remember the brand and associate it with positive emotions. Smooth and, at the same time, engaging activities, together with customized design, drive user interest.

Intellectual property ownership

By creating custom software, a startup owns the rights to that software. They can decide whether to sell it, modify it, or use it as they wish, which can open up new revenue channels for the business.


Our app development process is designed to transform your startup's vision into a fully functional and user-friendly product. Here's a breakdown of our step-by-step approach:

  1. Requirement gathering
  2. Detailed project estimation
  3. Transparent and predictable process
  4. Seamless deployment
  5. Post-release support

Technical expertise in different industries


We can enhance the experience of educators and learners by creating engaging educational experiences. Whether it’s distant learning, AI personalization, classroom management, or interactive teaching — we can create any educational technology you’d like to implement.


Managing multiple processes is a major task in the retail field. Thus, we can build software that automates the workflow and unifies inventory, customer relationship, and points of sale management in one place, or add any functionality you desire.


We can provide you with a rapid rollout of a platform with Next.js Commerce 2.0 or develop a fully customized online marketplace from scratch, depending on your startup's software development needs.

Social media

Startups in the social media landscape seek scalable and highly interactive platforms that can handle large amounts of data. With our development expertise, we can craft engaging social networking applications, content management systems, and analytics tools that capture user insights and foster community growth. Data privacy and secure user authentication will be of paramount importance in your startup's software development, ensuring quality assurance.

Transportation and logistics

Businesses in this industry highly depend on transit times and the overall efficiency of their processes. Custom software development can help streamline operations, from real-time tracking to optimizing routes. As  part of your startup’s software development, we can integrate advanced analytics to ensure your company is heading towards better results.

Real estate

Custom software development can simplify property management and document flow. For new market entrants, we can develop platforms that make agents' and clients' lives easier when choosing real estate, managing portfolios, and connecting everything to the CRM system. Combining mobile app development for different roles with web development for administering queries can be the most suitable choice in this case.


Healthcare startups are at the forefront of innovation, aiming to use technology to improve patient care. Being on the market for over 17 years, our software development company can build secure and compliant applications for electronic health records (EHR), telemedicine, patient engagement, and healthcare analytics, while ensuring confidentiality and adherence to healthcare regulations.


Custom software development for delivery startups can resolve issues in real-time tracking of carriers, optimization of routes, delivery management, and customer support tools. Our solutions for startups can help businesses to grow without a fear of not handling high volume of orders and be sure that their customers receive orders on time.

Hospitality and travel

Customer satisfaction is the primary concern in this sector. Tasks such as dynamic pricing, guest management, and booking systems require special attention to function seamlessly. We can create custom software solutions that streamline reservations, help manage properties, and personalize travelers' experiences.


With our custom software development, you will receive secure software for performing various operations, including payment processing, wealth tracking, banking, and trading.

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We do more than just write code for your software. We provide a full range of services for efficient software product development, tailored to your startup’s needs.


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