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Android app development

Our team has engineered more than 30 Android applications with trading platforms, betting apps, real estate marketplaces, and delivery apps among them.

  • In the process of Android app development, we analyze the target audience of the business and try to make the created software accessible for devices of various Android versions as well as compatible with tablets.
  • When developing this type of product, we strictly follow the platform guidelines to ensure quick release to the Google Play Store. Our developers build Android apps using Kotlin or React Native in case of a need for rapid cross-platform development.

Android application development workflow

Gather requirements

Create UI/UX design based on the results of analytics

Plan 2-3 week sprints

Establish scalable architecture and write clear code.

Make sure the software runs stably.

Release the custom Android app to the store

Provide post-launch maintenance

When developing mobile apps, some of our clients opt to use React Native, a JavaScript framework, and we encourage you to consider it for your product as well. Utilizing React Native can help save resources and reduce the project timeline. It allows for a single codebase to serve both iOS and Android software development, enabling both versions to be developed concurrently

Consider these React Native advantages

  • The framework boasts a large and active community, ensuring it receives all necessary updates for creating modern Android apps.
  • Android app development with React Native results in a product with a native feel.
  • With React Native, there's no need to decide which platform to prioritize first; you can develop for iOS and Android simultaneously.
  • In the long run, if you expand beyond just Android mobile app development, a shared codebase can significantly cut down on maintenance costs.
  • Since React Native apps are wrapped in native packaging, you can distribute apps built with it in official app stores.

Additional services you may require

When it comes to choosing Android application development services, you can be assured of our

Data security

To ensure your application is safe and trustworthy, we cover the code with automated tests throughout the entire software development process to prevent any bugs from sneaking in.

Full-cycle services

We manage your product from  idea verification to the final release and beyond, providing comprehensive Android app development services every step of the way.


Our team possesses significant experience and expertise in both design and development, ensuring a balanced approach that merges aesthetic appeal with technical efficiency.

Latest technology

Our engineers stay on top of industry updates and focus on the continuous development of their skills. Thus, we update our TechRadar regularly to implement new and eliminate outdated technologies.

Complex solutions

Equipped to handle software development of varying complexity, we particularly love developing startup MVPs as it's our primary specialization, but we are prepared for any challenge.

Scalable code

By writing clear and scalable code, we ensure that as your business grows, the app remains performant and adapts easily to new requirements.

24/7 monitoring

Should you choose to continue with ongoing support after our Android app development services, we will ensure uninterrupted operation of your mobile app, provide rapid bug fixes, and conduct proactive error tracking.

100% visibility

Maintaining transparency in workflows is a top priority when communicating with our clients. We provide access to our project management processes and report weekly on the development progress.

Flexible collaboration

Our agile, flexible working conditions are designed to cater to your unique requirements effectively.


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