Shop Liila


Shop Liila

Objective: To launch an eCommerce platform for sustainable and eco-friendly clothing, promoting conscious consumerism and environmentally responsible practices.

Discovery and Planning

  1. Engaged in detailed discussions with Shop Liila to understand their mission, values, and specific requirements for the sustainable clothing eCommerce store.
  2. Conducted research on sustainable fashion trends, identifying potential competitors, and understanding the target audience's preferences.
  3. Collaborated with the client to define features aligning with sustainable practices, such as product transparency, eco-friendly materials, and a commitment to ethical manufacturing.


  1. Integrated the client's eco-friendly brand identity into the design, emphasizing sustainability through color schemes, imagery, and messaging.
  2. Designed features that provide detailed information on each product's sustainability credentials, including materials used, manufacturing processes, and environmental impact.
  3. Focused on creating a user experience that reflects the client's commitment to sustainability, with easy navigation, intuitive product search, and engaging visuals.

Technology Stack

  1. Selected technologies that support sustainable eCommerce practices, including a content management system (CMS), secure payment gateways, and a responsive design for a positive user experience across devices.
  2. Developed a dynamic product catalog showcasing a range of sustainable clothing items, allowing users to filter products based on eco-friendly criteria.
  3. Integrated a system to display certifications and eco-friendly labels for each product, enhancing transparency and building trust with environmentally conscious consumers.
  4. Implemented features that allow customers to choose eco-friendly packaging options during the checkout process, promoting sustainability throughout the entire shopping experience.

Conclusion: The collaboration with Shop Liila resulted in the successful launch of a sustainable clothing eCommerce store that not only met the client's objectives but also contributed to positive environmental and social impact. The combination of transparent product information, eco-friendly packaging options, and educational content reinforced the brand's commitment to sustainability, fostering a community of conscious consumers. Ongoing efforts were made to continuously update the product catalog with new sustainable offerings and to adapt to emerging eco-friendly practices within the fashion industry.


Project Name

Shop Liila


Liila Sustainable Cloathing Company

Our Role

UX Design, eCommerce App Development



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