Dammi's Mini Mart


Dammi's Mini Mart

About the Client

Dammi’s is an established grocery retailer in Manchester offering a wide range of world-class brands. The company decided to move their business forward by launching a robust online store integrated with their internal systems. The Customer was looking for a company with a vast experience in eCommerce development to implement an efficient eCommerce website addressing their specific needs. Finally, Octonion Design’s proven record of completed eCommerce and retail software projects made it a perfect candidate for the task.


  • The grocery industry is highly competitive. Competing with other grocery stores, both large chains and smaller local businesses makes it challenging to attract and retain customers.
  • The rise of online grocery shopping and the use of technology in retail have changed customer expectations.
  • Establishing a strong brand and marketing strategy is essential to attract and retain customers.
  • Providing a positive shopping experience is crucial for customer retention. 

Solution Delivered

In accordance with the Customer’s needs, Octonion.Design team took up the grocery eCommerce store development to cover every aspect of searching and purchasing food, drinks, personal care, and daily essentials.

The user can create their personal account and make changes to it, search items from a voluminous catalog,ue and filter them by various categories. A single-page checkout implemented by our team allows clients to reduce the time spent on a purchase. After placing an order, the user can track it in real-time.

To engage existing customers and attract new ones to the online store, we implemented a subscription option for the company’s latest news and special offers, as well as a feature that lets the system select fashion items for a user based on the user’s information. 

Business Values

  • The new eCommerce website allowed Dammi's to reach a wide customer base and sell products 24/7, expanding the sales potential.
  • Increased revenue through cross-selling and upselling.
  • The new eCommerce website provided convenience to customers by allowing them to shop from the comfort of their homes or on the go. Tailor the shopping experience with recommendations and personalized content, enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • The new eCommerce website helped make informed decisions about product offerings, pricing, and marketing strategies by leveraging customer data and analytics

Project Name

Dammi's Mini Mart


Dameer Traders Ltd. (Manchester, UK)

Our Role

Logo Design, Branding Design, UX Design, eCommerce Website Development




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