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A and I Hyderabad Magazine

Arch Int Publications, a well-established media company in Hyderabad, sought to revitalize its flagship magazine, "A&I Hyderabad," catering to a diverse audience interested in Interior & Architectural Design commmunity. It needed a design overhaul to stay relevant in the digital age.. Facing challenges of declining readership and outdated design, the company decided to embark on a magazine redesign project to enhance aesthetic appeal, improve readability, and embrace a more modern user experience.


  1. Outdated Design: The existing design was perceived as dated and failed to resonate with the target audience, leading to a decline in readership.
  2. Print to Digital Transition: As readers increasingly consumed content digitally, the magazine needed to seamlessly transition from a primarily print-focused format to a digital-first design.
  3. Enhancing User Engagement: Arch Int Publications aimed to create a visually compelling and interactive reading experience to boost user engagement and retention.
  4. Maintaining Brand Identity: While redesigning, it was crucial to preserve the magazine's core identity and maintain brand recognition.


  1. Aesthetic Overhaul: Redesign the magazine layout, typography, and imagery to create a fresh and visually appealing look.
  2. Digital Adaptation: Ensure the design translates effectively across various digital platforms, including responsive web design and mobile applications.
  3. Interactive Elements: Integrate interactive elements like videos, animations, and clickable content to enhance user engagement.
  4. Brand Continuity: Maintain consistency with the existing brand while injecting a contemporary feel.

Design Process:

  1. Research and Analysis: Conducted market research to understand current design trends, reader preferences, and competitor landscapes.
  2. User Persona Development: Defined target reader personas to tailor the design to specific demographic preferences.
  3. Wireframing and Prototyping: Created wireframes and prototypes to visualize the new design, incorporating feedback from stakeholders.
  4. Collaboration with Content Team: Worked closely with the content team to ensure seamless integration of design and editorial elements.


  1. Increased Readership: The redesign resulted in a significant boost in readership, attracting a new, younger demographic while retaining existing readers.
  2. Enhanced User Engagement: Interactive features led to increased time spent on the magazine, with readers actively exploring multimedia content.
  3. Positive Stakeholder Feedback: Internal and external stakeholders praised the magazine's refreshed look, acknowledging its alignment with current design trends.
  4. Digital Transformation: Successfully transitioned "A&I Hyderabad" from a traditional print format to a dynamic digital publication, meeting the evolving needs of the readership.

Project Name

A and I Hyderabad Magazine


Arch Int Publications Pvt. Ltd

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Magazine Design, Magazine Style Guide Design & Branding Design




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