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Scaling E-commerce Heights: SWASA's Strategy for Explosive Growth during Global Pandemic

Project Name : SWASA

Industry : Healthcare

Client : SWASA Breath Clean Air

Our Role : E-commerce Website, Branding, Digital Marketing & Packaging Design

About the Client

SWASA, a pioneering healthcare product’s company, embarked on a mission to enhance personal health safety during the global pandemic through innovative healthcare products. With a focus on online sales through website and mobile platform (iOS and Android),.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, SWASA faced a range of challenges as they worked to produce and distribute masks to help curb the spread of the virus.:

  • The sudden surge in demand for masks overwhelmed SWASA, causing them to struggle to keep up with the need for medical-grade masks for the general public.

  • SWASA Website had to rapidly scale its digital infrastructure to handle the increased online traffic and transactions. Ensuring website stability, security, and performance was crucial to prevent crashes and downtime.

  • A technology partner to manage the surge in online shopping, define a complete process with expertise, and also to market the brand effectively to reach the broader audience.

Solution Delivered

SWASA collaborated with Octonion.Design, to overhaul their product packaging design, create an innovative ecommerce solution and digital marketing.:

Product Packaging Design: Octonion.Design thoughtfully crafted packaging design for SWASA which shows the difference between a product blending in and standing out on store shelves or in the digital marketplace.

Innovative eCommerce Solution: Octonion.Design created a cutting-edge eCommerce solution for SWASA to leverage technology, data analytics, and user-centric design which  created a seamless, personalized, and immersive online shopping journey.

Digital Marketing: Octonion.Design leveraged the power of the internet to promote SWASA brand and products, providing SWASA with unprecedented opportunities for growth, visibility, and customer engagement.

Business Values

Increased Reach and Market Expansion: Octonion.Design helped SWASA to reach a wider audience beyond their physical location, potentially tapping into global markets and increasing their customer base.

Brand Building and Marketing: Octonion.Design helped SWASA in their branding and marketing initiatives by designing complete style kit for SWAS products and online touch points like, website, Mobile Apps, Digital/Social Channels.

Revenue Diversification: In addition to physical sales, an ecommerce app provided SWASA an additional revenue stream, helping diversify their income sources and reduce dependency on specific channels.

Tech Stack